85 Twitter Tools

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Here’s a look at some of the tools that have been feeding my Twitter addiction, and some other highly-recommended tools that I’ll be checking out this week. As Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey said in our meeting last week, the strength of Twitter lies in its open API and 3rd party tools; the platform itself is incredibly simple. If you’re looking to get the most out of Twitter, these tools will help you do just that.

At first I ignored Twitter as just another vanilla social media app. Then I looked into it and just didn’t get it. Finally I signed up and started playing around, but was less than impressed (I followed all the wrong people and felt like I was opting-in to be SPAMmed). But then 2 weeks ago I had an eye-opening experience and came face-to-face with the full value of Twitter, and then just last week I met with Jack Dorsey and became a fullblown Twitter convert.

If I’ve missed one of your favorites, leave it in the comments section.

Find out when someone stops following you

1. Qwitter will send you an email notification when someone stops following you

Schedule and post-date Tweets

2. Twuffer
3. TweetLater

Find people on Twitter you should be following

4. Twellow allows you to find people who present themselves as members of an industry
5. Who Should I Follow gauges who you’re most likely to follow based on your interests
6. Twibs helps you find businesses on Twitter
7. TweetWheel shows you which of your Twitter friends know each other
8. Twubble searches your friend graph and picks out people you might like to follow

Find Twitter users near you

9. TwellowHood
10. Twitter Local

Monetize your Twitter account

11. MagPie
12. TheBranch
13. TwitAdd places banner ads on your Twitter page

Twitter clients

Adobe AIR apps:

14. TweetDeck
15. Twhirl

Firefox Extensions:

16. Twitterfox
17. Twitbin
18. Power Twitter
19. TwitterBar

Notification tools to track mentions of your name or company (think Google Alerts for Twitter)

20. Twilert sends you a daily digest summary
21. Tweetbeep alerts you whenever a specific word or phrase is mentioned on Twitter
22. TweetScan
23. Moniterr

URL-shortening services. All of these have integrated analytics:

24. WordPress Users: download the ShortURL plugin,  it shortens your URLs while preserving your domain name. Links won’t be as short as they will be with these other services, but since links are the lifeblood of websites, preserving your domain name in links is huge.  (e.g. http://thedailyanchor/u/1)
25. bit.ly
26. poprl.com
27. tr.im
28. cli.gs
29. Zi.ma

Backup your Twitter account

30. Tweetake let’s you download and save a copy of your account in  CSV format (followers, tweets, DMs, favorites)
31. TwitterSafe
32. TweetBackup

Promote your Twitter account in your email signature

33. WiseStamp

Post to Twitter/Wordpress/Facebook/LinkedIn/Plaxo/etc all with one click

34. Ping.FM

Tag and organize Tweets for groups

35. #hashtags helps you stay on top of popular hashtag trending topics

WordPress blog integration

36. TweetThis adds a “Tweet this” button to every post and page
37. TwitThis pretty much the same thing as TweetThis, but, uh, spelled differently… genius.
38. TweetSuite
39. Twitter Badge adds a flash widget to your site that displays your most recent updates
40. Twitter Updater automatically sends a status update to Twitter when you create, publish, or edit a post.
41. Twitter Counter
42. Twitter Tools creates an integration between your WordPress account and your Twitter account
43. WordPress sidebar widget
44. Twitter buttons…”follow me” buttons to put on your site

Upload and share photos to Twitter via your mobile phone

45. TwitPic
46. Twitxr

Tools for corporate use of Twitter

47. HootSuite (formerly BrightKit) allows a team of users to use one Twitter account
49. Split Tweet let’s you manage multiple accounts and brand monitor

Sort the wheat from the chaff

50. FollowCost… This is one of my favorite Twitter tools… it shows you how annoying it would be to follow a particular person based on their Tweet frequency Sorry, Guy, but you’re a “nuclear follow”
51. TweetStats shows you who your “real friends” are and who you converse with the most
52. PowerTwitter let’s you search a particular users Tweets to see if they’ve ever mentioned you
53. LessFriends find out if the people you follow, follow you back

Measure a user’s Twitter activity

54. Yoast
55. TwitterInfluence
56. HubSpot’s Twitter Grader
57. TweetStats
58. Twinfluence

Top Twitter Apps for iPhone

59. Twitterlator Pro
60. Twitterific
61. Tweetie
62. TwitterFon
63. Tweetsville

Top Twitter Plugins for Firefox

64. TwitBin allows you to send and receive messages from Twitter
65. TwitterBar if you find a site you want to Tweet about, just type some words into the URL field and click a button to automatically shorten the URL and post your comment to Twitter. And yes, it tells you how many characters you have remaining to use.
67. Ping.FM lets you post to all of your social media accounts at once
68. PowerTwitter adds features to your Twitter page, including photo and video sharing capabilities
69. Ludicrous is similar to TwitterBar, but updates to Twitter from your Firefox search bar instead of the address bar

Monitor ReTweets

70. ReTweet Mapper allows you to see a ranking of the most ReTweeted people on Twitter
71. ReTweet Radar puts togethr a ReTweet cloud of terms
72. ReTweetist ranks the hottest links being reTweeted and the most ReTweeted people
73. ReTweetrank ranks the # of ReTweets a given user has

Monitor what’s hot on Twitter

74. TwitScoop
75. Twitturly is a Digg-like interface for Twitter
76. Twit URLs is similar to Twitturly but focuses more on recent Tweets that are also popular
77. ReTweetist focuses only on reTweeted links
78. Trendrr combines users and keyword stats with time-based chart data

Customize your Twitter background

79. TwitterPatterns
80. TwitBacks
81. TwitterBacks
82. ClosetEntrepreneur shows you how to create a Twitter background using PowerPoint

Watch a realtime geographic visualization of where on earth updates are being posted

83. TwitterVision is what would happen if Twitter was dating GoogleMaps and they started doing speed

See who the top Twitterholics are

84. Twitterholic Ranks twitter users based on theirnumber of followers

And Lastly

85. OK, I totally lied, because #85 isn’t a tool for making the most of Twitter, it’s a tool for voyeurism. It’s the dark underbelly of Twitter known as SecretTwitter. This feed allows users to post their deepest and darkest thoughts anonymously. Think of PostSecret meets Twitter.

What have I missed? Leave your favorite tools in the comment section.