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I never think about wireless hotspots except when I need one, but when I need one it’s imperative that I find one, and when I find one it’s usually the case that they charge for access, and when I see that they do, I keep walking to find another. There are some places (airports, hotels, a Starbucks in Kansas) where there are no wi-fi options save one, and so I pony up the fee and cry a little inside. What irks me, though, is that even though I pay for the connectivity, I don’t receive any of the security features I receive at home: open-networks are just that, open to the world.

In HotSpot Shield by AnchorFree, though, I’ve found a wi-fi security platform that I’m loving from both a marketing perspective (it serves contextually relevant ads to a tech-savvy and affluent niche) and a consumer perspective (its free and secure.) AnchorFree HotSpot Shield privatizes and secures (via VPN) any public network, wired or wireless. The platform is ad-supported, and I can stomach something being ad-supported so long as its minimally disruptive and there’s legitimate value, and I think the value to consumers here is a no-brainer.

The value to advertisers, though, is what really piqued my interest…

Key takeaways:

  • AnchorFree reports that their Media Network serves nearly 1 billion ads per month to more than 13 million mobile web users across 190 countries and 5,000 web site properties
  • 3 million of those 13 million consumers make $100,000+ annually (comScore)
  • Ad media = videos and contextually-relevant banner ads
  • AnchorFree HotSpot Shield usage grew by 500% in 2008 and they locked in some major advertisers (American Express, McDonalds, New Line Cinema, et. al.)
  • They report an 8% click through rate (CTR) on their video ads. That’s HUGE! (Consumers are presented with a 30-second spot upon turning on HotSpot Shield.)
  • Users = captive, mobile, affluent, tech-savvy, security-conscious
  • AnchorFree has seen huge adoption in places where the Internet is otherwise censored… they report 1/4 of the English-speaking population of the United Arab Emirates uses AnchorFree HotSpot Shield

HotSpot Shield:


P.S. I’ve decided to spare you some clever/lame joke about The Daily Anchor / AnchorFree, but just know that I’ve spent the last 20 minutes trying to think of one.

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Greg June 19, 2010 at 3:40 pm

Send a blank e-mail and receive a latest version of Hotspot Shield right away.
For Windows version, send email to: win(at)anchorfree(dot)com
For Mac version, send email to: mac(at)anchorfree(dot)com


ziraj January 30, 2010 at 1:16 pm

please send me its banned my country


yousef January 9, 2010 at 10:22 am

please could you send to me the the latest version anchor free (for windows vista) programe the download is banned by our contry please send the the download file to my email


hamad September 17, 2009 at 11:20 pm

please could you send to me the the anchor free programe the download is banned by our contry please send the the download file to my email


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