Next New Networks: TV for the Web = TV for the Win

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Next New Network’s online programming model of TV for the internet, not TV on the internet is a world apart from other programming platforms like Hulu TV and Slingbox.

Hulu and Slingbox make TV programs available online, but Next New Networks is TV for the internet, not TV on the internet, and instead of re-purposing Television shows for the web, they serve up micro-television networks made up of original short-form programming. NNN currently features a dozen distinct networks covering automotive, entertainment, humor, fashion, and lifestyle, with each showing 3 to 8 minute episodes, produced daily or weekly. All original. All free.

Revolutionary Advertising Opportunities

While Next New Network offers traditional web advertising opportunities – banner ads, pre-rolls, and commercial breaks – they’re also innovating the ad models of the future by developing programming around advertisers. The programming isn’t driven by the advertiser, per se, but it’s linked to their product. Case in point: when Warner Brother’s released Friday the 13th, NNN used their Backyard FX show to create 4 custom episodes that recreated effects from the movie using household materials. The value? Instead of Warner Brothers forcing their voice on consumers, the platform did it naturally. Consumers watching the Friday the 13th – inspired videos didn’t see the movie logo flashing on the screen, but were exposed to the movie in a much more organic setting.

Other advertising opportunities include custom brand integration (host mentions, sponsored segments, custom vignettes, product placement, and custom episodes) as well as companion banners and in-video media impressions.

The Networks

Remember when MTV used to play music videos? Next New Networks does, and seeing as one of their founders is a former MTV exec, it makes sense that their latest microtelevision network is $99 Music Videos, a program that brings together independent bands and up-and-coming filmmakers.

Every video must follow 4 rules:

1. It must be made for $99 or less.
2. It must be shot in one day.
3. It must be edited in one day.
4. It must be a collaboration between the band and the filmmaker.

$99 Music Video: “Whisky” by Lowry

$99 Music Video: The Making of “Whisky”

Targeted Pop Entertainment:

  • $99 Music Videos (Original music videos made and edited in one day for under $99)



Fashion & Lifestyle:

  • Viropop (“Green” is the new pop culture network)